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About Us

Fiberglass Doors Canada is a part of Front Entry Doors Toronto. Front Entry Doors Toronto is owned and operated in Canada. Our owner started the business years ago with the explicit goal of providing the Toronto and surrounding areas with the highest quality fiberglass doors in Canada.

Front Entry Doors Toronto is the premiere Canadian fiberglass door manufacturer and installer. Over the years, we have been called innovators for both the design styling of our doors and the groundbreaking manufacturing processes for fiberglass doors in Canada that we have pioneered over the years.

In our opinion, there’s no higher compliment that can be paid to a person or company than to have someone declare them an innovator in their field. To us, being called an innovator indicates a general consensus among people who know that the business is a leader in the field and sets the mark that all of their competition should strive to reach. We take that responsibility with the utmost seriousness and continue to work harder every day.

Our knack for innovation has certainly helped us gain the reputation for quality has certainly helped us gain the reputation for quality that we have today–but our real secret to success is in our amazing customer service team. We’ve seen companies who have poor customer service and we actively press on to avoid ever giving bad customer service. At Front Entry Doors Toronto, we treat every customer like they are our family. We believe that our customers are the real key to the success of our business, because the quality of your product or service makes no difference if no one is buying because of poor customer service.