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Types Of Fiberglass Doors

As the premiere manufacturer of fiberglass doors in Canada, we are capable of manufacturing any style of fiberglass door you can think of. We offer a huge selection of samples that can be custom modified to fit your specific requirements or just bring us in a picture of a door you like and we can work from there to make it one of a kind.

The most basic design we offer is our flush panel door. These doors are a very cost effective option for a homeowner on a budget who just needs a new door and doesn’t care about getting anything fancy. As a step up from there, we also offer 2, 4 and 6 panel doors which can add a simple yet classy touch of design and style to our most basic doors.

In addition to those basic styles we also are able to offer the largest selection of custom designs for fiberglass doors in Canada. This is possible because we have the best possible people working with the best equipment available in our manufacturing shop and they are able to produce any door you can imagine.

Entry Doors

Your entry door is the first impression of your home décor that many people will get so you want to make sure that impression is a good one. As you can see on our door gallery page, there are endless options for customization when it comes to fiberglass doors in Canada including:

  • Wrought Iron accents
  • Stained glass windows in a variety of shapes and colors
  • Woodgrain or smooth finishes available in a rainbow of colors

In addition to the doors themselves, we also manufacture a line of custom side-lites and door hardware to accentuate both your new fiberglass door and the surrounding décor to make sure that first impression is as amazing as the rest of your home.

Garden and Patio Doors

In addition to high quality entry doors we also offer a full line of customizable garden and patio doors. These spectacular doors let in the light and beauty of nature while still keeping your home thermally insulated from the elements.

To see our full selection of doors check out the gallery page or come into our showroom and one of our sales professionals will be delighted to help you through the design process and get you set up with the beautiful new door your house deserves.